MONGHETTO’s Adrian send us a link to their awesome latest release on Soundcloud and it’s been playing on repeat since we first heard it. Big dub and digidub sounds mix beautifully with distinct influences from other genres… Enjoy these fresh sounds from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Ministry of Echology | Wanderer

Ugnius Raugalas from Ministry of Echology in Vilnius, Lithuania sends news of two releases, Wanderer being the latest and Notes & Quotes from 2014 – both worth a listen.

Spreading the love with dub and reggae. Fat bassline, upbeat and horns – be sure that you’re invited to dance and have a good time. Keep on steppin’ skankin’ and movin’.


Babe Roots feat. Ixm | “Dub Sessions 1”

This limited vinyl 7″ of dub magic is sold out but still available to stream via Bandcamp

W&P by Andrea Perini and Alessandro Verrina, with the collaboration of Nicola Campanella

Dub Chronicles By Disorda @ Suspect Packages

Get your ears around this

Sumac Dub | Le Jardin de Lucy

More excellent dub from France, Grenoble this time, Tom Dorne aka Sumac dub. A showcase of original styles integrating many musical influences. More on soundcloud and facebook.

-Lucie Ravet for “Le jardin de Lucy” track’s voice
-Violette Jullian for “No Man’s Dub” track’s voice and “Turtle Blues” track’s voice.
-Yves Durif alias JUSA for the front and back cover and his good w

STA | Goma

This is an absolute delight of an album. Hitting all the places in dub that you want it to. Put it on, put your headphones on or turn your speakers up loud and enjoy.


“Determined to insist on walking on the outskirts, on the edge of the path traced by the insistence, stretching the music to make it rubbery, in the search for a new album ^^^ immersed in recording and producing in midsummer, in the study of santa Coloma, with machines on fire and his head stuck in the knobs, between the cables and the thousand versions of each song. testing schedules and more synthesizers, destroying the waves, looking for the error as a lever to find the spark. forcing Ideas and leaving work to compose and collect all the energy on the essential: do something creative, leaving aside the comfort and guidelines to be followed by certain truths that unite us and clear assumptions, we do what we like and how we like. . ..let everything burn …rubber, a state of feeling heavy and chewy. ” by STA


released February 10, 2016

Recorded at Holyrook Studio by Holy except Trumpets, melodics and keyboards recorded at La Isla Estudio by Pablo Miranda.
Produced and Mixed by Pope.
Mix Assistant: Gum
Mastering by : Xavier Alarcón
Graphic Design: Gato

STA are: Gato: Drums & Percussion, Loro: Bass & Percussion, Holy: Guitar & Voice, Gum: Synthesizers & Percussion , Pope: Trumpet, Melodic, Synthesizers & Keyboards, Nano: Saxhorn

Previously from STA

STA | Devastación

Professor Stone | Bush Dubs (The Ital Collection)

Via ForwardEver’s excellent profile of Foundation Channel

For this imprint’s roster of music makers, it all begins with dub.

Some labels are intrinsically motivated by a mission. For the Portland- and Detroit-based Foundation Channel, that quest is to preserve and promote electronic music’s dub roots. They go at it with the zeal of faith healers anointing listeners with material drawing from original roots-reggae instrumentation and vocals, augmented with both analog and digital dub mixing techniques. They’ve christened their eclectic brand of bass music “subwise,” and have released compilations and EPs devoted to expanding on their sonic palette.

Check out all the label’s releases on Foundation Channel’s Bandcamp page and much more on soundcloud

Foundation Channel is rooted in dub reggae philosophically and stylistically. The “version” or “remix” comes from this culture and has influenced all of electronic music from Hip-Hop to EDM and endlessly beyond. In this dub spirit we strive to proliferate advancements in a wide range of genres with intention to get to the new essentials.

Optimo Podcast 12 | Adrian Sherwood On U Sound mix part 2 (dub) & part 1

Via Optimo on soundcloud, click to the racketracket interview as well… great reading

For my ears, Adrian Sherwood is the most sonically innovative producer the UK has ever given birth to. If you don’t know anything about Mr. Sherwood or his ON U Sound label, either do a bit of Googling, have a listen to this mix or read this interview I was fortunate enough to conduct a couple of months ago (when he was in Glasgow) that is on the Racket Racket website –…drian-sherwood/

And part 1 which is more on the electronic side