Black Uhuru | Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Jamaicans | Twilight Zone (Ba Ba Boom Dub) | Treasure Dub Vol. 2

Panda Dub | The Lost Ship

This has been on regular repeat at the hq for the past few months. Not sure how many dubheads are hearing this – so here it is again.

John Peel Day on

John Peel is one of the reasons exists as a place on the internet to celebrate, share and enjoy this music called dub.

Listening to John’s shows on the radio exposed us to music no one else was playing.

John’s sense of music selection was uncanny. His ability to shift genres to shock, amaze or lure you in and always have something for you to treasure and seek.

He opened eyes, ears and hearts to music in life.

So to celebrate here’s a couple of favorite sessions of dub and reggae artists from his show.

Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Peel Session 1978

Carnastoan – John Peel session 19-10-1982

Misty in Roots John Peel Session

Mikey Dread – Peel Session 1982

And here’s a great playlist of nearly all the reggae and dub sessions. Someday we’ll figure out how to make those on youtube

Capital Letters | Jamaica Dub

On the excellent Sugar Shack Records, this is a wicked Dub version of the acclaimed Capital Letters album Wolverhampton album dubbed and mixed by Oldwah coming soon on CD and Digital Download – 16TH October 2015

With such fantastic reviews and an equally positive reaction from fans, we decided not to delay any longer with the release of the album’s dub counterpart “Wolverhampton in Dub”. For this version, we shine the spotlight on mixing engineer and Sugar Shack regular Dave ‘Oldwah’ Sandford who was given free reign and has produced something to be proud of.

Dave was really looking forward to mixing this album as in his words; “the quality of the recordings engineered by Noel Brown were superb as was the musicianship from Capital Letters. Even working on the vocal tracks I sort of knew what I was going to do and kept all the ideas locked in my head.” For Dave the dub mixes gave him the opportunity to make something out of the secondary instruments: “The harmless little clav stabs can suddenly be expanded, the mild refrain of a flute can be worked on to become a major part of a track giving an eeriness over a stripped down drum and bass. On “Thanks and Praise” the picking guitar really got to me, so catchy and insistent so it was used to the maximum, making it the featured instrument.”

“I had a free licence, so if I wanted the kick drum to sound like a wrecking ball demolishing a building I could and DID. I wanted the rhythm guitar to kick like a knife, the bass to pound your stomach and the bubble organ to sound like a mutant dragon breathing. On these dubs I just went with what I wanted to hear, of course there are the norms for dub albums, but I wanted to take it further, trying to do things that haven’t been done. That’s a difficult thing to do as the path is well trodden.”

Hidden Operator | Higher Than the Mountain 7″

Some crucial new tunes on the new King’s Chamber label – Hidden Operator brings a heavy modern dub aesthetic. Check it.


HIDDEN OPERATOR – Higher Than the Mountain (7”, KC01)

Introducing Hidden Operator with this first release on Kings Chamber.
While his gritty version of dub, digital and dancehall is rooted in the tradition of the old days, it’s also heavily influenced by contemporary sounds and always pushing things forward.

Hidden Operator use found sounds, samples of forgotten vocalists and occasional ghosts, to make otherworldly smoke filled dub versions on tracks that may not had ever existed.

On “Higher Than the Mountain” he lets his primitive dub tools loose over a chanting ragga coloured number.

On the B-side Arctic Haiti cooks up a nightmarish voodoo version.

Telerama Dub Festival 2015 – lineup announced

News from our friends at the Telerama Dub Festival 2015 – here is the lineup for this year. Wish we could go.


TDF2015 affiche

Du 31 Octobre au 28 Novembre 2015 le Télérama Dub Festival fera trembler les salles aux quatre coins de la France. Découvrez les artistes, les producteurs, les chanteurs et les MC à l’affiche du #TDF13

La programmation en détail sur :


Miami Dub Section – Revival Dub Volume 2

Brand new mixtape from Jah Blem Musik Revival Dub Volume 2.


Dub Me Oh Jah – Samory I x Rory Stonelove
Take Me Oh Jah – Samory I
Rate Rasta Dub – Xana Romeo
Rate Rasta – Xana Romeo
Freedom Dub – Hempress Sativa x Rory Stonelove
Freedom – Hempress Sativa
Dub Dread [Willy Tee Dub Mix] – Micah Shemaiah
Original Dread – Micah Shemaiah
Run Dub [Umberto Echo Dub Mix] – Runkus
Run – Runkus
Jah Love Shine Down [Russ D Remix] – Dre Island
Jah Love Shine Down Dub – Disciples Dub
Chant Rastafari [Russ D Remix] – Tarrus Riley
Chant Rastafari Dub – Disciples Dub
One Day Dub – Sizzla
Settle Down Dub – Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution ft Exco Levi
Settle Down – Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution ft Exco Levi
Ganja Farmer Dub [Scientist Stylee] – Aidonia x Russ Disciple
Ganja Farmer [Scientist Stylee]- Aidonia
They Dont Know Dub – Natural High Music x Teetimus
Burn My Chalice Pipe – Chezidek
Burn My Dub – Chezidek x Manudigital
Jam Rock Dub Mix – Jesse Royal x Gachapan
Jam Rock – Jesse Royal

Give Thanks,
Jah Blem

Founder & Creative Director of: