ZioNoiZ | Global Dubs

“Global Dubs” is definitely one of our favorite collections from the incredible ZioNoiz, truly a “unique fusion of sounds and rhythms that encompass dub, reggae, hip hop, trip hop, world & ethnic music, funk & breaks.”

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fatto sound factory

Fatto Sound Factory | Dark Side of Dub

Don’t sleep on checking out everything from Fatto Sound Factory, a wicked Sound System out of Switzerland: “spreading true feelings to the people!” Some top shelf digi-dub and heavy riddims…

Franz Flückiger alias Kaspar-I (Producer, MC, Selector)
Elia Huber alias Black Dog (MC, Selector)
Aaron Wilms alias Prophet Dub Master (Producer, MC, Selector)
Enea Mangili alias Lit’Ghilaak (Producer, Selector, Graphics)

Machado Dub

The Copan Connection: Bixiga 70 Meets Victor Rice | machado-dub

Visitors to dub.com may be familiar with Victor Rice and the great dub tracks he’s brought to the world. Since his move to South America he’s continued to explore the connection between music with roots on boths sides of the Atlantic and after mixing Bixiga 70’s ‘III’ he’s bringing his dubmaster lense to it.

The Copan Connection: Bixiga 70 meets Victor Rice. Whereas “III” was a highly contemporary take on the Afro-Brazilian, “Black Atlantic” musical conversation, The Copan Connection looks northward from Brazil to Jamaica, and embraces the repeat-echo history of dub music as its inspiration.

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Dub Mission 20 Year Anniversary

Here is a a really great write up by Marke B on 48hills about San Francisco’s legendary Dub night Dub Mission which is celbrating it’s 20th anniversary this Friday.

Here’s to another 20 years of Dub Mission.

Jay Glass Dubs | Jay Glass Dubs

Some very heavy experimental dubs from Jay Glass Dubs aka Dimitris Papadatos on the excellent Hylé Tapes from France.

Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style focusing on a counter factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.

more on https://soundcloud.com/aylassubs