collecting dub

UB40 who derive their name from the unemployment claim form issued in the UK come in for a lot of slack from reggae and dub heads who have probably never heard UB40 Present Arms in Dub.UB40 Present in Arms Dub Granted the singers voice does grate on my nerves sometimes, though his honesty on “red red wine” always got him my vote, this CD/LP is a much neglected serious dub version. The album by the way is almost impossible to find via a google search because it only turns results for a lyrics search. Yes a lyric search results for a dub album. Thats dub pollution for you.
According to my mate felix who’s also a brummy the ub40 crew used to throw some regular dub mash-ups in select pubs round Birmingham back in the 80s.

Anyways dub heads you should give yourself a treat and check this out sometime, Kings Row is a gem of a dub track, solid riddim and a cool yet subtle dub effect on the track where the whole jam slows down then speeds up like the mixers finger is on the wheel on the reel to reel – no digi style nonsense here i think… but correct me if i’m wrong…