Dubcast #2


Blue Vitriol- Cryovolcano
Butch Cassidy Sound System – Butches Brew
African brothers – lead us father / dub
Disrupt – jah bit invasion
Susan cadogan – dub it baby
Burning Babylon – Addis Red Dub
Love Grocer – Waiting At The Gate
Soldier Red – All For Jake Weekend Dub
Tino Corp – My Name is Tino
Eating Betty – Pharaoh is Dead

From the excellent Jahtarijahtari.org Net label, the very excellent and heavy dub “Cryovolcano” by Blue Vitriol – I imagine that’s some sort of special Swedish medicine – perhaps something to resurrect you after you are cryogenically preserved in a volcano… but we know what that dub it really is.

Then from Scotland, it’s the Butch Cassidy Sound System and their “butch’s brew” which is a sort of a version of versions, ahem, a “mega-mix” if you will of their superb album “Butches Brew” – go out and get it now.

After that its the dub and vocal digitally remixed by dub.com of the powerful African Brothers “Lead us father” on easy-star – we hear they have a follow up project to the hugely popular “dub side of the moon” called “radiodread” – it’s a dub version of radiohead’s “ok computer” – looking forward to that.

Back to Jahtari – Disrupt & the Jah Bit invasion, followed by a scratch classic – susan cadogan’s “dub it baby”… a Perry gem. Slade from Burning Babylon brings the Ethiopian flavor to the dubcast with “Addis Red Dub” – check out all the albums from Burning Babylon if you haven’t already – truly some original dub flavors and styles coming through.

The Love Grocer brings their ska on the dub-sized “waiting at the gate” – what a track – always gets the girls up to dance. We go back to a deep deep riddim dub “Soldier Red – All For Jake Weekend Dub” from a version excursion Sundyberg dub championship despiracy.com had 2 years back, a classic from Tino Corp and the superb Eating Betty check out his latest cd “Reverbalism” on cd baby.

Thanks to all the artists in tonight’s dubcast – dub.com – dub worldwide – goodnight dub fans wherever you are.