Dubcast #3

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Hightone – Afraid of Nothing – Wave Digger
Scientist – Dark Secret of the Box – Scientist encounters Pac Man
Jackie Mittoo – No Show in Togo – Jackie Mittoo in Africa
DJ Wally & DJ Swingsett – Hungry in the Abstrakt – Audio Alchemy
Duotone – Dreadbounce – ((resound))
High Tone meets Improvisators Dub – Drongo Dub
Jammin Unit – Totally Unintelligent (Mad Professor Dub Mix)
High Tone– Enter The Dragon (Drum Ersatz) – A.D.N. Acid Dub Nuclei
Kenny knots– Watch How the People Dancing – Honest Jons

We’d really like to thank the excellent Jarring Effects people for sending us the CDs for 3 of this month’s tracks. The opener “Afraid of Nothing” comes from the High Tone CD “Wave Digger”. “Drongo Dub” comes from the High Tone meets the Improvisators Dub CD – this is a promo for now. The penultimate closer comes from High Tone on Jarring effects again, this time A.D.N. Acid Dub Nuclei & “Enter the Dragon” [drum ersatz].

On a side note – nice to see On the Wire playing stuff from this label too.

Big shout out to Jake at beatresearch / mashit for the use of DuoTone’s “Dread Bounce”.

And how amazing is that Kenny Knots track? Sweet simple digi riddim – beautiful voice. The Honest Jon’s crew coming correct.