Riddims Galore

Download riddims in midi format? lovingly “hand”-sequenced for your production needs – BaroqueDub.co.uk has put together some of the most popular riddims in midi format. So stick em in your favourite sequencer – get your favourite toaster / singer / deejay / poet / and enjoy. Excellent mixes… great blog.

Sleng Teng, Stalag, Rockfort Rock, Queen Majesty, Real Rock, The Whip – they’re all there….

The simple digi-riddim bassline line that changed dancehall forever.
cubase screenshot - slengteng bassline

Riddim Magazine – now available via the always excellent turntablelab.com – published in Germany, now available in english a magazine with excellent writing and beautiful photography.

“RIDDIM already looks back on 20 issues and has been Germany’s mouthpiece for Reggae and Dancehall since 2001. During these years, we have acquired an international staff comprised of the best authors and photographers from the UK, France, the USA and naturally Jamaica, all of whom share our abiding passion for Reggae and feel the need to tell the world about it. However love has not made us blind. Therefore, you’ll not find us eulogizing about all and sundry or calling everything that glitters gold. Instead, the music, its key players and cultural proclivities will, at times, be critically scrutinized both from an insider’s point of view and a bird’s eye perspective.”