Dub Echoes Trailer

Bruno Natal writes:

This is to inform that the trailer for the documentary “Dub Echoes” is on line! (and is looking really good!-dub.com)

It’s taking longer than expected to finish the movie (being independent and with no budget makes it harder…), but little by little is coming together.

For now, you can watch the trailer here:


[youtube wPz6lAa4y-I]

Dub Echoes” is a documentary that shows how the jamaican dub influenced the birth much of what we hear today, from electronic music to hip hop.

Key names, both from reggae and the electronic music world, were interviewed and talked about the importance of dub.

Get ready for a trip that will take your mind beyond you’ve ever imagined. Just follow the bass lines!

For a full list of the people interviewed and more info, check us out at: