Gaudi | In between times

Discovered this great album via our old pal Tomas @ voltage music on bandcamp. Here’s an excerpt we like but please be sure to read the entire piece – Great music and great writing.

Like original dub music, Gaudi’s music takes the listener between the bass lines, leaving space for the nuance and color in his productions to emerge. He’s decided that while the computer offers endless synth, sample and rhythmic layering possibilities, often you can say more with less. “With all of the plug-ins and effects, the result is a wall of sound,” he explains. “There’s no time for the brain to filter it out. With the dub producers as a reference, I give the same importance to the silence between the notes as the notes themselves. I try to not oversaturate my sound with a thousand elements. That, to me, is an art nowadays. Music is beautiful, but silence is just as beautiful.”

Via @voltagemusic