Echo Chamber Around the World In Dub – Vol. 3 and 4

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This second Echo Chamber “selects” release on Dan Dada Records includes tracks and/or remixes from: Mystical Warrior, Negritage, LoveAvalanche ft. MC BenJammin, ACEtone Studio, Yabass Yaba Radics, Mayd Hubb, Bandulu Dub ft. Hoarang & Kim Ban Jang, Baby Arm Sound System, Pale Rider, Orly Frider (aka Blondub Sexy Sound) ft. ODG & Bigga Ranx, Concrete Youth, Isaak Hypnotizer, Dr. Echo, Mutant Frogs, DU3normal & Bandulu Dub, Transdub massiv, Dub Caravan ft. NRG D, Dubsmith presents Higher Ground Movement ft. B.Davis & Bianca Boom, Dub Terminator ft. Ras Stone, Dr. Cat, Jah Free, Vibronics, Moshi Kamachi meets Empathysm, Screaming Soul, The Process, Fedayi Pacha ft. Nassim Kouti, Bungalo Dub, and Jiang Liang.

For the last 17 years Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) and DJ Baby Swiss (Elmar Romain) have been bringing dubwise sounds to the massive on their radio program the Echo Chamber. With the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and the funkiest club beats from around the world, all chilled and expertly mixed into a subsonic stew, For this compilation, the Echo Chamber has once again teamed up with Bandulu Dub and Dan Dada Records to present a worldwide trip into Dub. This collection represents a broad variety of musical styles…and spans the globe in doing so. This is very much in keeping with the eclectic “anything goes” format of the Echo Chamber radio program.

On behalf of Dan Dada Records, Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss extend our undying gratitude to all the artists and record labels that agreed to be a part of this worldwide dubwise project. Spreading the dubwise vibe to the world…

Thanks to, and a few other outlets, the first Echo Chamber compilation album (Vol. 1 & 2) has now been downloaded over 3000 times from!