Going back to vinyl 45s – 4 great blogs

If you want to understand an important part of Jamaican music culture you need to listen to a lot of 45s. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the format so many were made that never made it to a re-issue or compilation LP or CD. Fortunately for us there are some great collectors out there who write great blogs and create great mixes who are willing to share mixes of their collection with us.

Here are four great blogs all run by passionate enthusiastic lovers of Jamaican music. By no means a comprehensive list and these blogs will, in turn, lead you to hundreds of more blogs – but just four that we really enjoy and respect.

Enjoy – dub.com



Dave is a passionate collector of all things Jamaica & 45 – Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and on..



I have been writing about music in various forms (zines, newspapers, e-zines, blogs) since the mid-80′s. The Funky16Corners blog started in November of 2004 to focus on funk and soul vinyl. Since mid-2006, in addition to individual MP3 tracks, I have been posting mixes under the title Funky16Corners radio. Most MP3s and mixes will be available for a few weeks.


My house of reggae is in London and I invite you in for a cup of tea while I play Jamaican music throughout the decades from scorchin’ ska through roots rockers to the latest dancehall sounds and adding a few background details along the way in celebration and recognition of all the talented people who have contributed to one of the liveliest music cultures in the world. So don’t hold back, come on in, kick your shoes off and enjoy the music…



As a life long fan of Jamaican Music I thought I would use this site to share some of the highlights of my collecting ,this will usually consist of a compilation CD of some of my collection which consists mainly of 7″ singles ,the very lifeblood of JA music.I hope this will give other people an opportunity to hear some great music that they would not hear otherwise.