General Theory of Dub | GToD Vol 1. Bass is the Most Important Instrument

Wonderful new old dub from General Theory of Dub AKA Timothy Ellis who Jah Shaka is quoted as saying ‘this ain’t no white guy from Warwick’…

Enjoy and dig deeper. Thanks for sharing Tim.

Update: There is a new release├é┬ácoming from General Theory of Dub on September 27th – as Part of International Cassette Store Day – look out for it wherever you get your cassettes! We’re so happy Cassette Store Day is a thing!

General Theory of Dub Cassette

Returning in 2014 with a brand new cassette release ‘Clean Your Head’ This is a ‘clear out’ of the old tunes that are worth a listen…next the intention is to start making new music.

GToD will take the analogue studio into the venue and mix the music live in front of you using multi track tape recorders, analogue mixer, spring reverb and tape delays and more.
That’s original – watch this space.
The tracks on this soundcloud are mostly early to late 80’s with the exception of Brand New Fatty and Claxon Dub which are just a few years old…more coming soon…
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Bass is the Most Important Instrument was released on cassette tape in 1993 by Chicken Shack. The music was played, produced and recorded by Timothy Ellis between 1982 and 1998 ish…