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Dubcast #60 – endless dub


Klovn – Chapter One (Klovn Mix)
Yabby You – Upsetter Mix – Rally Dub
Vivian Jackson & The Defenders – Love Thy Neighbour
king tubby – coxsone down beat
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard – Who Made The Prime Ministers Honour List Of 1975
Pecker – Mystical Electro Harakiri
Leo james – daydream in dub
biodub – familiar warmth
Creation Rebel – Space Movement Section 1
Linval Thompson – Dreader Than Dread
Revolutionaries – Africa Love Dub
Big Joe – Smoke Marijuana
Hemisphere Dub feat. Eder-B РM̩morie De Racines
Krill Minima – Mamor (dub)
Axs – Evergreen secrets
Gas – Narkopop 6
Five minutes alone – Rivers In Bloom

dubcast #59 – fight dub


Alpha and Omega – Sheba’s Journey
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall dub
Jah Shaka – Dreader Dub
Techniques All Stars – Zion I
Freddie McGregor – Bredda Labba Labba
King Tubby – Tubby’s New Fashion
Lauren aitken – Haile Selassie
Winston Edwards and Blackbeard – Kensington Palace Confusion
Johnny Clarke & Jah Shaka – Babylon and version dub (Babylon Soundtrack)
The Twinkle Brothers – jah kingdom come
ROots’s Futur HI-FI Lilly Melody – Boom dub
Balada – My Neighbour Is
Celtic vedic feat. youth – return to the river ganges (ozora dub mix)


Dubcast #58 – Safe Dub

Some music to bring us closer



Loscil – Dub for Cascadia
Skyscaper / Ekelon – Shaping the sky (Section II Edit)
Desove – Countermeasure Dub
Aswad – truth dub
Carl Bryan – soul scorcher
Honey Boy Martin Dreader Than Dread
Winston Edwards – gun court in red – natty locks dub
Jah Marcus – hotter fire in babylon
Pablo gad – Deliverance dub
Dougie Conscious – eyes of jah + dub
Prince Jammy – brooklyn dub
Dub Specialist – Scorpio dub
Mighty Tolga feat. Jah Meek – Too Strong
Shane Brown Judge dub yard
Dj Tricky Cris – To Strong (Version)
Winston Edwards & Blackbeard – Downing Street Rock
Revolutionary Dub Warriors – Industrial (2nd Version)
Atheus – Sphere One
Atheus – Einsatz
Purl – wilderness

Dubcast #57 – Electronic Dub

It’s been exactly ten years since we started the dubcasts. 10 years later we are at number 57 with lots more to go.

Thanks to all the singers and players and thanks for listening and spreading the word.


Deepchord presents echospace – empryean
Grad_u – ag uncompressed dub
Fluxion – change
Disciples – Dub revolution 2
Techniques – purify
Jamaicans bada boomtime vocal/dub
Downbeat – mr dub – livity
Manessah – skenga
The Hazardous Dub Company – My Dub Is Your Dub! (Instrumental Version)
Audiokonstruckte – closer
cv313 – Subtraktive [King Midas Sound Dub]
Hallucinator – Dusk

made with love in san francisco

Dubcast 56 | Growing Dub

Thank you again for all the submissions from the singers and players worldwide.



Junior Cony & Shanti D – Take My Dub (feat. Shanti D)
Scientist – ten dangerous matches part 3
hugh mundell – jacqueline
l.b. dub corporation – feat. benjamin zephaniah – i have a dream
battersea dub codex – insinuating spinal mirth
Hatti Vatti & Cian Finn – Education
junior cony – dub in the end
Alpha & Omega – Who is the Ruler?
Joe Ariwa – Warrior Dub
Prince Jammy – His Imperial Majesty
6Blocc – Sweet Dub
Manasseh meets the Equalizer – Amun Ra
Natural Numbers – Salida Dub
Seahawks – drifting

Dubcast #55 – Born Dub

An inspired dubcast from the excellent tunes we’ve been listening to.

Some old, some new, some classics.


dubcast #55 dolores park san francisco

dubcast #55

Monolithium - Bounce 4 Life (H-SIK Dub)
Prince Jammy – Imagrant dub (sic)
Yabby You – jah victory dub
Mastermind XS – barbarian empire
Laroz – citizen of zion
Jah Wobble – Saraavne
Prince Jammy – Utica dub
Linval Thompson – roots princess dub
Road to Zion – cowboys on the road
Yabby You – fishermans special
Downbeat – roots from the underground
Carl Bradney – slipping into darkness
Black Chow – wonderland
Bob Marley – soul shakedown party
Hugh Mundell – revolution dub

Made with love from San Francisco.

Dubcast #54 – Dry Wet Dub

Dubcast #54 – Dry Wet Dub


Stephen Chang – Always Together
The Cyclones with Count Ossie – Meditation
Juca Chaves – Take me back to Piaui (Dubben Remix)
Mahom – Interlude pour les Pingouins
Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra – Happy Tibetan Girl
Hippy Boys – Dreams to Remember
Max Romeo – Wet dream
Hippy Boys – Dreams to Remember
Val Bennett – Take 5
Professor Skank – Dub Express
DJ Q-Bert – Labyrinth (With Dana Leong)
Professor Skank – Another Kind
Sylford Walker & Trinity – Burn Babylon Don’t Trouble Natty Dread
Diggory Kenrick – Stranger Flutes
Teleseen – The Echo Will Triumph Over the Voice
Evan Marc & Steve Hillage – Intention Craft

Dub33 made with love in San Francisco where it’s very dry

Dubcast #53 | Horns Dub

Dubcast #53 is a special all vinyl live mix featuring a lot of beautiful, deep and melodic horn work. These soulful jazzy dubs from the past decades explore a dub reflection of each era’s music. Originals, versions and riddims mix with soul, R&B, reggae and rocksteady at the dub masters’ controls.



king tubby rockers uptown – keep on dubbing
alpha & omega – pure & clean
prince jammy – swords of vengeance
dub store special – idle burg
dynamic sound – an african dub side 1 tr 4
king tubby – easy dread, check this ya – king of dub (clocktower)
king tubby – vivian jackson – tribulation
the revolutionaires – settle in dis dub mix – this is roots music vol 2
lee scratch perry – enter the upsetter – return of sound system scratch
prince far i – water the garden – paying it all back vol 2
dub ghecko – asunder – dubhead vol 3
sly & robbie meet bunny lee at dub station – liquidator dub
susan cadogan – hurts so good / dub so good

Dubcast #52 – Wired Dub



Alpha & Omega - Rastafari
Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn – 9 years dub
Dennis Brown – Shaka the warrior
Niney Presents Channel 1 – Burning With Dub – 100 tons of dub
Carleen Anderson – fly away dub
Mr dallas – flute dub
Dubmatix – Inna eden dub (free download)
Prince Far I – zacky the priest (and dub)
Phaeleh – Plateau
Irish Moss – Space time blues version
Mungo’s Hi-fi feat. Top Cat – Herbalist (prince fatty mix)
Dub Specialist – Congo Call

Dubcast #51 – Area Dub


Please note that this dubcast has a lot of very low frequencies which may not be audible on phone speakers.

Dubcast Tracklisting:

Konkrete Roots – Warehouse Dub – Dub ina Midlands
Tsunami Wasahari – Fret not dub – Hailing of di Nation
Konkrete roots – sound killah – Dub ina Midlands
Alien dread – kortonic dub
Ackboo – Earthrocker – Evolution Of Dub Volume 8 The Search For New Life
Frenic – Keep on – Back To The Beat Tape (LP)
Alborosie – Cocaine and Dub – Evolution Of Dub Volume 8 The Search For New Life
Naram – run down the dairy – March Of The Gremlins
Miniman – nobody can stop dub – Opus In Dub Minor
Bush Chemists – they say dub – Meets King General – Money Run Tings
Bush Chemists – they say – Meets King General – Money Run Tings
Dub Conspiracy v. Knowers Ark – Passed Over
Uzul – Colors – IOT v2 01
Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner in Love (CRB Version) [feat. Kutiman]