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Akcept | Teachings Of Jah

Lots more tracks to check out on Akcept’s soundcloud, fresh dubby sounds out of Christchurch, New Zealand

AMAR // FatKidOnFire // Dank ‘n’ Dirty Dubz // Instigate Recordings // Deep, Dark & Dangerous

Upcoming Dates:

18/03/2017 – EYES DOWN Presents: VERSA, Christchurch, NZ

08/04/2017 – Deeper Frequencies; D4, Christchurch, NZ


Swami | Roots & Culture Mixtape #2

2 hours of roots & dub – played as it was made & totally uninterrupted … For your musical meditation



Tetra Hydro K

Live Steppa Dub to Jungle Join us on !!!!!!!!!!  Besançon, France

dubcast #59 – fight dub


Alpha and Omega – Sheba’s Journey
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall dub
Jah Shaka – Dreader Dub
Techniques All Stars – Zion I
Freddie McGregor – Bredda Labba Labba
King Tubby – Tubby’s New Fashion
Lauren aitken – Haile Selassie
Winston Edwards and Blackbeard – Kensington Palace Confusion
Johnny Clarke & Jah Shaka – Babylon and version dub (Babylon Soundtrack)
The Twinkle Brothers – jah kingdom come
ROots’s Futur HI-FI Lilly Melody – Boom dub
Balada – My Neighbour Is
Celtic vedic feat. youth – return to the river ganges (ozora dub mix)


Dubokaj – Alpine Dub

This is a lovely mini-documentary to accompany Dubokaj’s LP from earlier this year. Focusing on their production method, it presents a factual and useful “behind the scenes” account of how analog methods in making dub music are still applied and useful in the digital age.

Dubokaj aka Daniel Jakob is a producer, self taught multi-instrumentalist, and Dub scientist. He started working professionally as a musician back in the mid-nineties. Over the years he had been involved in everything from Hip Hop, Italo Pop, Dubby Electronica, all the way through to movie scoring.