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  1. Greenbeat Music says:

    Greetings from Greenbeat Music! Just to let you all know that Greenbeat Music presents New Age Roots – Various Artists is now available for digital down load at iTunes:

    One Love…..

  2. strangedub says:

    Greetings from the Echo Chamber –

    Dan Dada Records is proud to present the free download compilation album:

    “Echo Chamber Around the World In Dub – Vol. 3 and 4”

    This second Echo Chamber “selects” release on Dan Dada Records includes tracks and/or remixes from: Mystical Warrior, Negritage, LoveAvalanche ft. MC BenJammin, ACEtone Studio, Yabass Yaba Radics, Mayd Hubb, Bandulu Dub ft. Hoarang & Kim Ban Jang, Baby Arm Sound System, Pale Rider, Orly Frider (aka Blondub Sexy Sound) ft. ODG & Bigga Ranx, Concrete Youth, Isaak Hypnotizer, Dr. Echo, Mutant Frogs, DU3normal & Bandulu Dub, Transdub massiv, Dub Caravan ft. NRG D, Dubsmith presents Higher Ground Movement ft. B.Davis & Bianca Boom, Dub Terminator ft. Ras Stone, Dr. Cat, Jah Free, Vibronics, Moshi Kamachi meets Empathysm, Screaming Soul, The Process, Fedayi Pacha ft. Nassim Kouti, Bungalo Dub, and Jiang Liang.

    For the last 17 years Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) and DJ Baby Swiss (Elmar Romain) have been bringing dubwise sounds to the massive on their radio program the Echo Chamber. With the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and the funkiest club beats from around the world, all chilled and expertly mixed into a subsonic stew, For this compilation, the Echo Chamber has once again teamed up with Bandulu Dub and Dan Dada Records to present a worldwide trip into Dub. This collection represents a broad variety of musical styles…and spans the globe in doing so. This is very much in keeping with the eclectic “anything goes” format of the Echo Chamber radio program.

    On behalf of Dan Dada Records, Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss extend our undying gratitude to all the artists and record labels that agreed to be a part of this worldwide dubwise project. Spreading the dubwise vibe to the world…

    Thanks to, and a few other outlets, the first Echo Chamber compilation album (Vol. 1 & 2) has now been downloaded over 3000 times from!

  3. dubdotcom says:

    Thank You as always!

  4. Robodub says:


    I’d like to let you know the new Robodub album, “Time Travel in Dub” is now on the Free Music Archive:

    Please have a listen if you like your dub original and authentic!

  5. Sonic Cube says:

    LOVE = SHARING A FREE TUNE (legally)


    Thnaks and have a blasting day everyone.

  6. Sneaky Dread says:

    Sup guys, Im an Irish producer currently based in Savannah GA, I just started releasing under Dub Miniker Sneaky Dread, here is my first release

  7. Politrix says:

    Hey guys, Greetings from Politrix. We’ve just remixed Major Lazer’s hit “Get Free” we hope you like it ! Free on our Soundcloud 🙂

  8. Dubcentral says:

    Greetings ! Here’s a blog on Sheffield’s UK Roots producer Will Tee (Descendant Music) . Lots of music links and some forthcoming release information.

  9. Dubcentral says:

    Here’s a contribution for ya ! Roots & Culture Mix Tape

  10. […] Strangedub hooked us up via a comment – but you can contact us via many […]

  11. Gee says:

    Hi there, blessings from Dubcentral. We’ve been pushing dub, roots, reggae, steppas in Sheffield for over 15 years! Check out our next event !

  12. strangedub says:

    Big Up –

    As part of KFAI’s spring pledge drive, the Echo Chamber presented our annual “Free the Marijuana” special. It was a crazy kind of night….in a cloud of ganja smoke… Alright, OK…so there wasn’t really any ganja smoke in the studio (too bad), just plenty of ganja-inspired reggae and dub, with some great soundbytes from “Reefer Madness”. A special part of tonight’s program was the The Groove Thief’s “Stepping Between Reggae and Dub Vol. 4” ganja-filled mix (which we played most of).

    Mixcloud stream:

    Thanks again,
    Dr. StrangeDub
    email: [email protected]

  13. strangedub says:

    Hello –

    Could you please post the comment that I entered (2 days ago) about: “Free the Marijuana” special. ? Thanks……Dr. StrangeDub

  14. dubdotcom says:

    It should be posted above or below.
    Sorry we’re having some problems with the redesign & disqus

  15. Dubcentral says:

    1.Flash it & gwan by disciples ft. Vivian Jones
    2.Feel it by Nucleus Roots ft. Stikki Tantafari
    3.Jah Soldier by Ras Daddy Teacha
    4.Health Strength & Power by Bush Chemists ft. King General
    5.Health Strength & Power Dub by Bush Chemists
    6.Be Thankful by Donovan Kingjay
    7.Be Thankful Dub by Centry
    8.Mount Zion Step by Don Fe ft. Ricky Grant
    9.Youts To War by Vibronics meets Brain Damage
    10.Youts To War Dub by Vibronics
    11.Vampires by Inspirational Sound / El Fatta
    12.Wisdom Dub by Inspirational Sound

  16. Nick Dagger says:

    Just found your site! Appreciating your work and looking forward to the new sounds.

  17. donfede says:

    Loving the Horns Dub – great classics still ringing Strong!

  18. Small World says:

    A great site man. I’m a dub producer based in the UK, knocking out original works. Do you accept uploads of the tracks we produce?

  19. Beam Up says:

    Greetings dubheads! A few words to let you know of the 1st 2 singles from Beam Up (both with Ernie B’s now). Organic roots with up to the time production with plenty of vibes! More deets at : upcoming 7s on ZamZam sounds and Germany’s 45 Seven – 2 wicked forward thinking dub labels… forward the bass!

  20. Beam Up says:

    we like images…

  21. DJ Delay says:

    Beam Up’s cousin, DJ Delay would like to share some heavy dubbing with you…
    Forward the bass!

  22. strangedub says:

    The new page is looking good. Clean and simple layout…but stocked full of dubwise content and links. Great to see all the links on the right-side again! Bravo…

  23. pissed pat says:

    wop wop… love the new look :}}}}} keep dub flowing :}}}

  24. strangedub says:

    Coming soon… as a Free download on Bandcamp (Dan Dada Records). Hopefully before the month is out: “Echo Chamber -Around the World in Dub – V5 & V6”. 25 FREE dubwise tracks.

  25. vadav a.k.a dubradar says:

    Brand new dub outta DubRadar Studio!

    From Di Kitchen , No Master , )

  26. Timothy Ellis says:

    80’s and 90’s recordings from General Theory of Dub

  27. DUBCENTRAL says:

    New Mixtape / Dubcast . 2 hours of straight up music 🙂 played as it was made , for your enjoyment & musical meditation

    Track list in description & Downloads enabled

  28. Zuro Roots says:


  29. Jessica Bossuyt says:

    Tune in to the Lessizmore podcast every month for exclusive mixes from Lessizmore’s artists, special guest DJs and friends of the Lessizmore family.
    Follow us on :

    Check out and share the first opus by Louis McGuire
    All his fav. Minimal Dubs in one podcast, feat lots of fresh tracks from the likes of Warren Andrews, Matthew Burton’s new dub moniker “Derek” and some classics from Steve O’Sullivan and Icelands’ Exos.

  30. DUBCENTRAL says:

    2 hours of straight up music 🙂 played as it was made , for your enjoyment & musical meditation >

  31. anjahdub says: DUB MUSIC From Poland

  32. Phantasmo says:

    Phantasmo greets you and would like to share with you the first two demo traks of this brand new experimental dub project based in Madrid.

    Take care!











  34. Jonathan Rattos says: Chronicles Dub Trio ft. Nkrumah

    Toronto based heavy roots/dubwise band. LIVE DUB

  35. Le Grand Bastringue : 10ème édition

    Festival Reggae Dub

    Rendez vous les 10 et 11 Juin 2016 pour une 10ème édition toujours placée sous le signe de la solidarité.

    A l’affiche cette année : Biga Ranx, Panda Dub, Broussai, Papa Style, Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians, William Brutus, Jah Prince & The Prophets et Woodblocks Sound System

    Porté par le cadre exceptionnel de l’Abbaye de Cluny, le festival vibrera cette année encore au rythme des meilleurs artistes reggae dub du moment !

    Billeterie et informations sur :

  36. Hi.

    Dub project called “Illegal State Of Mind” saying hello 🙂

    Check my tunes on soundcloud: (>30 tunes in my player)


  37. cockroachintproduction says:

  38. Jakub Krysakowski says:

    Artist: Illegal State Of Mind
    Album: Psychodelicje
    Genre: Dub

    Official site:

  39. AB CD says:

    Reel – Handmade – Dubwise!!
    Retro-style midi-programmed riddims, meditative melodies & handplayed deep round basslines.
    All bounced to vintage thick brown BASF ¼ tape for xtra lush and creamy vibes on imperfect and authentic timemachine.

    [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

  40. Jolly Joseph Dub Shepherds says:

    Listen to the Dub Shepherds’ Brand New Album : TIME TO REAP !

  41. andrea porcu says:

    ‘Dub Affairs Vol.1’ CD Edition is now released!
    Order your copy here:
    Featuring tracks by: biodub, Desove, Hemisphere Dub, Hieronymus Dub Sounds, SubsetDubs, Xoki, Upwellings and Zzzzra.

  42. andrea porcu says:

    If you love DUB you will love DUB AFFAIRS!

  43. andrea porcu says:

    !!!!!!! Repress-Action !!!!!!!
    Babe Roots feat. Ixm ‘Dub Sessions 1’ (7” vinyl)
    Pre-order / Info:

  44. Hiroaki Yamamoto says:

    (Dub, Reggae from Poland/Japan) Docetism “Breast And Vulture”

  45. Hiroaki Yamamoto says:

    (Dub, Reggae) Docetism “Breast And Vulture”

  46. Cockroach Int Production says:


  47. Hiroaki Yamamoto says:

    Dub Affairs Vol.3 featuring: Mind Over Midi, Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman (Basic Channel), Babe Roots, Akcept and more.
    LINK—-> <——–

  48. We love your site and all the fantastic links!!!

  49. John Tiedemann says:

    The first album from Cosmic Dub Machine is live. Singles are pay what you want on Bandcamp and you can listen to the whole thing on Youtube.

  50. Andy says:

    so many years, so many dubs, so many thanks yous …

  51. Kyleyates says:

    The new song from Bay Area Artist “Dub” is now on YouTube and free online. Like and Subscribe. Please enjoy and share

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