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Jahtari | making a riddim with a SID synth and a Korg Monotron Delay

This is very cool – not easy – but cool and there are many more musicians and producers sharing crucial dub production like this on youtube.

Like it? Don’t like it? Too complicated? Let us know in the comments!

disrupt (Jahtari) making a riddim with a MIDIBOX SID synth and a modded Korg Monotron Delay (it’s now in a rack, has proper knobs and cool new extras). Drums and some FX sounds from the SID have been sampled into the MPC1000 before. Bass, Skanks and Arp are all frm the SID.

Dubcast #2


Blue Vitriol- Cryovolcano
Butch Cassidy Sound System – Butches Brew
African brothers – lead us father / dub
Disrupt – jah bit invasion
Susan cadogan – dub it baby
Burning Babylon – Addis Red Dub
Love Grocer – Waiting At The Gate
Soldier Red – All For Jake Weekend Dub
Tino Corp – My Name is Tino
Eating Betty – Pharaoh is Dead

From the excellent Jahtarijahtari.org Net label, the very excellent and heavy dub “Cryovolcano” by Blue Vitriol – I imagine that’s some sort of special Swedish medicine – perhaps something to resurrect you after you are cryogenically preserved in a volcano… but we know what that dub it really is.

Then from Scotland, it’s the Butch Cassidy Sound System and their “butch’s brew” which is a sort of a version of versions, ahem, a “mega-mix” if you will of their superb album “Butches Brew” – go out and get it now.

After that its the dub and vocal digitally remixed by dub.com of the powerful African Brothers “Lead us father” on easy-star – we hear they have a follow up project to the hugely popular “dub side of the moon” called “radiodread” – it’s a dub version of radiohead’s “ok computer” – looking forward to that.

Back to Jahtari – Disrupt & the Jah Bit invasion, followed by a scratch classic – susan cadogan’s “dub it baby”… a Perry gem. Slade from Burning Babylon brings the Ethiopian flavor to the dubcast with “Addis Red Dub” – check out all the albums from Burning Babylon if you haven’t already – truly some original dub flavors and styles coming through.

The Love Grocer brings their ska on the dub-sized “waiting at the gate” – what a track – always gets the girls up to dance. We go back to a deep deep riddim dub “Soldier Red – All For Jake Weekend Dub” from a version excursion Sundyberg dub championship despiracy.com had 2 years back, a classic from Tino Corp and the superb Eating Betty check out his latest cd “Reverbalism” on cd baby.

Thanks to all the artists in tonight’s dubcast – dub.com – dub worldwide – goodnight dub fans wherever you are.