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Gaudi | In between times

Discovered this great album via our old pal Tomas @ voltage music on bandcamp. Here’s an excerpt we like but please be sure to read the entire piece – Great music and great writing.

Like original dub music, Gaudi’s music takes the listener between the bass lines, leaving space for the nuance and color in his productions to emerge. He’s decided that while the computer offers endless synth, sample and rhythmic layering possibilities, often you can say more with less. “With all of the plug-ins and effects, the result is a wall of sound,” he explains. “There’s no time for the brain to filter it out. With the dub producers as a reference, I give the same importance to the silence between the notes as the notes themselves. I try to not oversaturate my sound with a thousand elements. That, to me, is an art nowadays. Music is beautiful, but silence is just as beautiful.”

Via @voltagemusic http://www.voltagemusic.com/

Dub Gabriel – Reggae Special (Vintage Vinyl Mix)

Dub Gabriel recently set up his turntables at the d/a/c lab. He hooked up his tape delays, reverbs and dub sirens and dropped a 1 1/2 hour set of all vintage vinyl with essential selections of vintage dancehall, reggae & dub. Recorded live at his studio, these vintage selections guarantee to warm up the sound system this summer.

Dub Gabriel – Reggae Special (Vintage Vinyl Mix) by Dubgabriel on Mixcloud

Purple Man – King of the Way
Sancho – Chase Vampire
Billy Boyo – Wicked She Wicked
Carol Kalphat – African Land
Sly & Robbie – Rocks and Mountains
Ranking Dread – Africa
Buro Banton – Can’t Take the Running’s in a Babylon
Junior Cat – Anerexol Body
Michigan & Smiley – Down Presser
Nicodemus – Birdman Hunting
Prince Far I – Red Sea
Tapper Zuki – Man Ah Warrior
Yellowman – Strong Me Strong
Prince Jazzbo – In Jah Jah Name
R. Shirley – Everybody Needs A Friend
Ranking Dread – Hard Times
Horace Andy – Money Money
Lee Van Cliff – Bam Salute
Singers & Players – Dungeon & Merchant Ship
Smiley Culture – Cockney Translation
Anthony Red Rose – Dub Organizer Part Two
Wayne Palmer – Suzie
Barrington Lavy – Na Broke No Fight Over Woman
King Burnett – Paul Bogle
Junior Brammer – All Gone

Burnett Town Sound | End of the World in Dub

More excellent dub styling from Burnett Town Sound who brought us the tasty Sensi Me Street EP back in February

Buy the full album with much more on iTunes or Amazon

Pissed Pat | Calming Of The Shrew Full Mix

Another mad mix from Pissed Pat “dub mix of some dub, roots step,
dub step and old school uk 92 jungle.”

Dubbhism Calling all analog dub producers!

The crew over at Dubbhism are reaching out to all Dub Producers who are using Analog  equipment to make a compilation album featuring dub tracks made using the same.

Are you producing dub tracks using Great British Springs, original analog reverb tanks by Accutronics, Belton, vintage tape echo machines by Roland, Korg, analog BBD-based echo/flanger fx etc.? Please let us know about it. Contact us via dubbhism(?)xs4all.nl or via Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud or whatever.



Stars Dub

From David Cox
“I made this film to showcase a series of 12″ x 12” stencil prints, inspired by the “STARS” riddim. The original “STARS” was written, sung and recorded by the great Cornell Campbell, as lead singer of The Eternals, at Studio One, in 1969. It is my favourite reggae song. ”

How to make a dub? Legendary dub-reggae pioneer, Scientist, shows the process.

via @NYCReggae

November 2010. London. Though the weather was grey, the mood inside the Red Bull Music Academy studio on Tooley Street was tropical, as we were blessed by the presence of legendary dub-reggae producer, Scientist. In a lead up to a nighttime concert at Fabric, Scientist strolled through the studio with The Upsetters band to show how to mix a dub track. For heavens sake, thank goodness we filmed this.

Lotek | “The Rudest Dude” feat Bunny Lee & King Jammy [video]

Very clever video editing puts Lotek back in the studios of Bunny Lee and King Jammy…

Japanese Dub | Dry & Heavy | Dawn is breaking

The excellent Japanese Dub group, Dry & Heavy perform “Dawn Is Breaking” with Likkle Mai on vocals.

Dry & Heavy- Dawn Is Breaking
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via chinese reggae and Jiang Liang