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dubcast #59 – fight dub


Alpha and Omega – Sheba’s Journey
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall
The Wailers Band – higher field marshall dub
Jah Shaka – Dreader Dub
Techniques All Stars – Zion I
Freddie McGregor – Bredda Labba Labba
King Tubby – Tubby’s New Fashion
Lauren aitken – Haile Selassie
Winston Edwards and Blackbeard – Kensington Palace Confusion
Johnny Clarke & Jah Shaka – Babylon and version dub (Babylon Soundtrack)
The Twinkle Brothers – jah kingdom come
ROots’s Futur HI-FI Lilly Melody – Boom dub
Balada – My Neighbour Is
Celtic vedic feat. youth – return to the river ganges (ozora dub mix)


Dubcast #51 – Area Dub


Please note that this dubcast has a lot of very low frequencies which may not be audible on phone speakers.

Dubcast Tracklisting:

Konkrete Roots – Warehouse Dub – Dub ina Midlands
Tsunami Wasahari – Fret not dub – Hailing of di Nation
Konkrete roots – sound killah – Dub ina Midlands
Alien dread – kortonic dub
Ackboo – Earthrocker – Evolution Of Dub Volume 8 The Search For New Life
Frenic – Keep on – Back To The Beat Tape (LP)
Alborosie – Cocaine and Dub – Evolution Of Dub Volume 8 The Search For New Life
Naram – run down the dairy – March Of The Gremlins
Miniman – nobody can stop dub – Opus In Dub Minor
Bush Chemists – they say dub – Meets King General – Money Run Tings
Bush Chemists – they say – Meets King General – Money Run Tings
Dub Conspiracy v. Knowers Ark – Passed Over
Uzul – Colors – IOT v2 01
Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner in Love (CRB Version) [feat. Kutiman]

Dubcast #47 – Apotheosis – Don Orgone Special Guest Mix


n. pl. a·poth·e·o·ses (-sz)

1. Exaltation to divine rank or stature; deification.
2. Elevation to a preeminent or transcendent position; glorification: “Many listeners have attributed Don Orgone’s current apotheosis to the subversive power of his artistic vision”
3. An exalted or glorified example: Orgone’s latest represents a grand apotheosis of mixtape culture.

Dubcast #36 – Special Guest – Cyclology – Don Orgone

This month’s Dubcast is from a special guest – New York’s #1 Selector – Don Orgone with his very special Cyclology selection and mix mashing together many many different styles and influences into the mix. Enjoy!


Cyclology is the study of cycles or, the mathematics of history.

The knowledge of perfect numbers goes back to the mists of antiquity. It was used in Chaldea and very early Egypt.

The definitive writings on this subject date from Thales, who lived from 640 to 547 B.C. His pupil Pythagoras (580-500 B.C.), the author of famous theorems, traveled to Egypt where this education was completed by the priests of Ra at Heliopolis and Memphis.

These heirs to the greatest sacred mysteries taught him the value of the Sirius Cycle. According to this theory, not only celestial phenomena but all terrestrial events repeat themselves in the same order every 1461 years.
The man who made the theory famous and gave it all its value was Plato, for he set the true golden number at 25920 years; and this number contains all the others. These 25920 years correspond to the complete precessional cycle as seen in the Mayan calendar.

At this moment in time we are approaching the end of yet another of these 25920-year cycles.


Dubcast #35 – Weekend Dub


Dubcast #35

Jimmy Radway & the Fe Me TimeAllstars – This Child of Mine Version

HotDrop – Dub the Pum Pum

Mungo’s HiFi – Dubplate Fi Dem

Vainquer – Ranges (expanded)

Deadbeat – Rise Again (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)

Deadbeat – Deep Structure

Gregory Issacs – On the Edge

Natanja feat Hiske – Dread Dub