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The Incredible Dub Machine

The Incredible Dub Machine is a Cyprus-based reggae dub project-, created in 2012 and fronted by Savvas “Dub” Thomas and winged by Ras Kyr, as wel as other artists according to the event or venue.


Incredible Dub Machine | The rising of Cyprus dub live mix

This is a live recording made during the Incredible Dub Machine’s dub mixing broadcast “Dub from the 3rd floor” played @ http://420cyprus.caster.fm/ online radio on the 17th July 2012 featuring dub/reggae artists from Cyprus.

1. Rasta Chat – Med Dred
2. Dem a Bawl + Equal Dub – Ras Zacharri
3. Empty Dub – Med Dred
4. Most High Dub – HighStation meets Slimmah Sound
5. People Are Dubbed – Dub Caravan, Haji Mike & Shaky Norman
6. Praise HIM Dub – HighStation meets CounterAction feat I-mitri
7. I see Dub – Med Dred