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Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

Coming soon on the repress rewind – 12 tracks of dub goodness from our good friends at Jahtari

All our favorites, Pupajim, Disrupt, El Fata, Mungo’s and the Jahtari Riddim Force!

Dubcast #45 – Hunger Dead Dub


Dubcast #45 – Hunger Dead Dub

Carlton And Aston “Family Man” Barrett – Bad Luck – Macka Dub
The Upsetters – Black Panta version
Augustus Pablo – Cowtown Skank Version 2
Wackies Rhythm Force – Version Pipe
Jah T – Recording Connection – Bullwackies All Stars Dub Unlimited
10ft Ganja Plant – Walkey Walk Tall – Hillside Airstrip
DEB Music Players – Lagos
Dub Specialist – Garvey Night – Juck’s Incorporation Pt. 1
Phil Pratt – Con Man – Star Wars Dub
Dublicator – Echoes of Babylon
Baroque Dub – Valley of the Dub Roots Dub
Jahtari Riddim Force – Vigilante Dub
King Tie Dub – Reflex√£o Dub – Tie in the Control
Bass Culture Players – Hay Dub – Neblina Sound Showcase