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Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

Coming soon on the repress rewind – 12 tracks of dub goodness from our good friends at Jahtari

All our favorites, Pupajim, Disrupt, El Fata, Mungo’s and the Jahtari Riddim Force!

Dubcast #54 – Dry Wet Dub

Dubcast #54 – Dry Wet Dub


Stephen Chang – Always Together
The Cyclones with Count Ossie – Meditation
Juca Chaves – Take me back to Piaui (Dubben Remix)
Mahom – Interlude pour les Pingouins
Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra – Happy Tibetan Girl
Hippy Boys – Dreams to Remember
Max Romeo – Wet dream
Hippy Boys – Dreams to Remember
Val Bennett – Take 5
Professor Skank – Dub Express
DJ Q-Bert – Labyrinth (With Dana Leong)
Professor Skank – Another Kind
Sylford Walker & Trinity – Burn Babylon Don’t Trouble Natty Dread
Diggory Kenrick – Stranger Flutes
Teleseen – The Echo Will Triumph Over the Voice
Evan Marc & Steve Hillage – Intention Craft

Dub33 made with love in San Francisco where it’s very dry

Dubcast #50 – Shut up and let I do I Ting Dub

Sorry it’s taken so long – wubba wubba words


Dubcast #50 – Shut up and let I do I Ting!

Etienne De Crécy- Prix Choc (Ultra Dark Mix)
Tapes – gun dance – jahtari
Danny red – crack seller man / version
Dubmatix – champion sound
X-echo – listen dis
Pecker – kylyn
Spectre – covert dub / seamless
Dennis bovell- regole pas
Microshot – g-dub special
Basicnoise – x2059 – schall 029
Paul St Hilaire – Nah in it – JahTari
Junior Delahaye – Love

Jahtari | making a riddim with a SID synth and a Korg Monotron Delay

This is very cool – not easy – but cool and there are many more musicians and producers sharing crucial dub production like this on youtube.

Like it? Don’t like it? Too complicated? Let us know in the comments!

disrupt (Jahtari) making a riddim with a MIDIBOX SID synth and a modded Korg Monotron Delay (it’s now in a rack, has proper knobs and cool new extras). Drums and some FX sounds from the SID have been sampled into the MPC1000 before. Bass, Skanks and Arp are all frm the SID.

new jahtari invaders shirt dub

Those clever folk at Jahtari have come up with a very cool shirt – only available via the european outlet right now… hopefully in north america soon too.