John Peel is one of the reasons exists as a place on the internet to celebrate, share and enjoy this music called dub.

Listening to John’s shows on the radio exposed us to music no one else was playing.

John’s sense of music selection was uncanny. His ability to shift genres to shock, amaze or lure you in and always have something for you to treasure and seek.

He opened eyes, ears and hearts to music in life.

So to celebrate here’s a couple of favorite sessions of dub and reggae artists from his show.

Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Peel Session 1978

Carnastoan – John Peel session 19-10-1982

Misty in Roots John Peel Session

Mikey Dread – Peel Session 1982

And here’s a great playlist of nearly all the reggae and dub sessions. Someday we’ll figure out how to make those on youtube