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Dubcast #53 | Horns Dub

Dubcast #53 is a special all vinyl live mix featuring a lot of beautiful, deep and melodic horn work. These soulful jazzy dubs from the past decades explore a dub reflection of each era’s music. Originals, versions and riddims mix with soul, R&B, reggae and rocksteady at the dub masters’ controls.



king tubby rockers uptown – keep on dubbing
alpha & omega – pure & clean
prince jammy – swords of vengeance
dub store special – idle burg
dynamic sound – an african dub side 1 tr 4
king tubby – easy dread, check this ya – king of dub (clocktower)
king tubby – vivian jackson – tribulation
the revolutionaires – settle in dis dub mix – this is roots music vol 2
lee scratch perry – enter the upsetter – return of sound system scratch
prince far i – water the garden – paying it all back vol 2
dub ghecko – asunder – dubhead vol 3
sly & robbie meet bunny lee at dub station – liquidator dub
susan cadogan – hurts so good / dub so good

Drizzit | Horns of Babylon

Heroic, powerful vibrating and invigorating horns make me rejoice. Sometimes I feel like they can break down the walls of our Babylon, just like in the biblical legend of Jericho.

1. Dubkasm – City Walls
2. Lee Scratch Perry – Wake The Dead
3. Tommy T – Oromo Dub (Cushtic Dub)
4. Vin Gordon – Melodies In The Hill Dub
5. David Solid Gould Vs. Bill Laswell – Dub Of Affliction
6. Love Grocer – A Little Rain Must Fall
7. Dubkasm – Nyah Keith
8. OVRDBD – Lilly Dub
9. Bad Brains- Jah Love Dub
10. Horace Andy and King Tubby – Zion Gate Dub
11. Vin Gordon – African Thing

David Rodigan’s tribute to King Tubby on Capital Radio 1989

Rodigan’s tribute to King Tubby

Dubcast #38 – Work Dub

Dubcast #38 – Work Dub


This dubcast tracklisting has links to buy nearly every single track available either through Ernie B’s Reggae (ebreggae.com), Amazon or from stores and collectors on discogs.com. Please support artists buy purchasing tracks you really love and keep buying vinyl & CDs re-issues and re-pressings and re-masters to keep dub alive.

So many great labels and re-issue labels come and go but without them we would never get to hear these excellent tracks without spending a lot of money on a collectors item or sadly listening to a really bad quality mp3 rip downloaded from a source of questionable origin.


Dubcast #37 – Love Dub

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions via soundcloud, email, twitter and facebook. Thanks to all the singers and players.



Artist – Title – Album
Aggrovators – None Shall Escape Dub – Rasta Dub ’76
Dub Specialist – Guiding Star – Better Dub from Studio One
Rolando Alphonso – Arena Special – 12″
Soul Vendors – Arena Special Version – 12″
Barrington Levy – Shaolin Temple Dub – Barrington Levy in Dub
Derrick Harriott – Black Bullet – Riding the Roots Chariot
The Upsetters – Upsetting Rhythm #1 – Blackboard Jungle Dub (auralux)
The Aggrovators – My Angel of Dub – Reggae Stones Dub
Cannon & The Soul Vendors – Bad Treatment -Rock Steady Coxsone Style
Phase Selector Sound – Jackson Park – Disassemble Dub
Mildtape – Extent of the Foot – Dub Alpina
The Simeons – Jah Rastafari – Dub Conference In London
Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses – Universally Dubbed
Subma Chena – Ten Ton Dub – TBD
Sonde – Digital Sun – Dubwars
Jazzsteppa – Gun Crime – Jazzsteppa
Dubphonic – All You Weed is Love – Relight
The Simeons – Second Sight – Dub Conference In London
Scientist & Prince Jammy – Vulcan – Dub Landing Volume 1

Dubcast #31 – Friday Night Dub Special

Thanks to all the singers and players of instruments

Note: because some of the material included in the podcast is unreleased the podcast is not available for download at this time, please embed and stream, thanks!

Dubcast #31 – Friday Night Dub Special by dubdotcom

Rare King Tubby Dubplate | Ali Baba dub – Deadly Dragon Sound System

Via @deadlydragon – Classic dubplate find!


This mix of John Holt’s ALI BABA was lifted from an OLD OLD dubplate we recently found which comes from the hands, heart, mind and mixing board of the late, great King Tubby. I believe that this has never been released and it simply blew our collective Deadly Dragon Minds. Enjoy. www.deadlydragonsound.com

Much much more over on the Deadly Dragon Sound Blog