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‘Vision of Paradise,’ documentary on Reggae and Dub master Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: an interview wit’ co-executive producer Volker Schaner

Great interview with the producer Volker Schaner by our local San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper on the upcoming “Vision of Paradise” documentary

M.O.I. JR: How would you describe Lee Scratch Perry’s music?

Volker Schaner: A sparkling psychedelic adventure. Music from the time before the original sin.




Dubcast #53 | Horns Dub

Dubcast #53 is a special all vinyl live mix featuring a lot of beautiful, deep and melodic horn work. These soulful jazzy dubs from the past decades explore a dub reflection of each era’s music. Originals, versions and riddims mix with soul, R&B, reggae and rocksteady at the dub masters’ controls.



king tubby rockers uptown – keep on dubbing
alpha & omega – pure & clean
prince jammy – swords of vengeance
dub store special – idle burg
dynamic sound – an african dub side 1 tr 4
king tubby – easy dread, check this ya – king of dub (clocktower)
king tubby – vivian jackson – tribulation
the revolutionaires – settle in dis dub mix – this is roots music vol 2
lee scratch perry – enter the upsetter – return of sound system scratch
prince far i – water the garden – paying it all back vol 2
dub ghecko – asunder – dubhead vol 3
sly & robbie meet bunny lee at dub station – liquidator dub
susan cadogan – hurts so good / dub so good

Drizzit | Horns of Babylon

Heroic, powerful vibrating and invigorating horns make me rejoice. Sometimes I feel like they can break down the walls of our Babylon, just like in the biblical legend of Jericho.

1. Dubkasm – City Walls
2. Lee Scratch Perry – Wake The Dead
3. Tommy T – Oromo Dub (Cushtic Dub)
4. Vin Gordon – Melodies In The Hill Dub
5. David Solid Gould Vs. Bill Laswell – Dub Of Affliction
6. Love Grocer – A Little Rain Must Fall
7. Dubkasm – Nyah Keith
8. OVRDBD – Lilly Dub
9. Bad Brains- Jah Love Dub
10. Horace Andy and King Tubby – Zion Gate Dub
11. Vin Gordon – African Thing

Beat Tape Dub

From the excellent Dub Temple Records comes a couple of interesting beat tapes in dub style.

Lots more to explore here:

Dub Temple records bandcamp

Dubcast 28 – Half Life a Dub


Roots Manuva VS Wrong Tom – Dub Decay
Moresounds – Days n Days
Roots Manuva VS Wrong Tom – Big Tings Redone
Dub Addict – Track 15 – Sampler EP
Unknown – Dub Direction – Jamaican Recordings Dub Sampler Vol. 1
Alpha & Omega – Dub Signs (Featuring Iries In Roots)
Lotek – The Rudest Dub
Sir Coxsone Sound – East of Rockfort Rock
Dub Specialist – Queen of the Dub
Bush Chemists – Firing Dub
Sandoz – Sit in Judgement
Gregory Issacs – Overdue
Lee Scratch Perry – Don’t Blame the Baldhead
The Gladiators – Rude Boy Ska
Jackie Mittoo – Wire Higher
Twilight Circus – Shaka (Dubplate Version)
Brilliantes del vuelo – Automatic DOS

Many Thanks to all the singers and players.

Thanks for all the emails, tweets and suggestions on the work in progress.

Hallo to you my peeples out there

A fax transmission from Lee “Scratch” Perry sent to those seeing the documentary “The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry”

Dubcast #26 – Jamaican Robot Dub


Third Ear Audio – “Jamaican Robot”
Jah Thomas – “Sound System Dub”
Jah Thomas – “Old Man Dub”
Jack Orion and Mantra – “Send Up A Badman”
Lee “Scratch” Perry “huzza a hana”
Anti Bypass feat Ital Roots Players – “The End of Babylon”
The Orb – O.O.B.E.

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Ukulele cover of Lee Scratch Perry’s “Ne Run Down”

Dubcast #23


Bit of a box set dub
Intro – Niney the Observer – acoustic dub intro
Nora Dean – Scorpion (barbwire) in his underpants – Trojan X-Rated Box Set
Togetha Brotha SoundSystem – Fire a Burn Dub – Cool Playa Showcase
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters – Black Panta – Blackboard Jungle Dub
The Ravers – Badam Bam – Trojan Producer Series 1
Congo Natty – Junglist Soldier
Twilight Circus – Bassie Dub I – DUB From The Secret Vaults
The Powersteppers – Fanfare – Lead With The Bass II
Augustus Pablo – Java – Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two
The Congos – Neckodeemus – Upsetter Box Set
El Fata – El Fata Ina The Dancehall – Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2
Illyah & ltd. Candy – LTD – Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2
Ras Amerlock meets Mc Zulu – Ambassadors – A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Star)
Ras Amerlock – Runners Riddim – A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Star)

lee scratch perry movie dub

Update: “The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry” is playing in San Francisco on April 24th & 25th

i am the upsetter documentary “The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry” | that not everyone was happy about.

clip 1 – via youtube

clip 2 – via daily motion

Lee “Scratch” Perry Film, “The Upsetter”