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MASTERMIND XS | Freedom of choice

Another top shelf release from the brilliant LCL netlabel wonderfully supported by the Free Music Archive

Available for download by individual track, an entire zip or bit torrent


“Music is not a destination but a way of travel. Our first release, the instrumental-ep „one dub many roots“, saw bass & melody finding their rhythm in dub & reggae. our next stop, the album „reset all systems“, our dub delivered a solid foundation with plenty of space for some new friends: drum&bass, electro, funk & some heavy guitars. Since it is important for us to explore the possibilities of our sound, we unconsciously but inevitably went on a journey to expand the boundaries of dub.

Our new album „freedom of choice“ oscillates between danceable and meditative, powerful and calm, groovy tunes and heavy sounds while always keeping an eye or two on the foundation of rhythm, melody and bass, bass, bass in different forms. freedom of choice – we are living in a framed freedom, in a cage, smaller or bigger… you are able to choose inside this frame, but what kind of choice is that? One of our aims is to oversize our piece of freedom and giving people new and different sounds with our music, which might provide some good basics for new and different thoughts.”

love from san francisco – dub33

Dubcast #39 – Sunshine Dub

Dubcast #39 – Sunshine Dub

Dubcast #39 – Sunshine Dub


bunny v jammy – jammys a shine – fatman presents dub contest
the mysterious mixer – summer dub
creation rebel – space movement 3 – starship africa
jackie mittoo – ayatollah
uffe meets peter mudertone – revenge of the calculators (mono)
mastermind xs – business of panic – one dub many roots
smiley culture – shan a shan – roots manuva | back to mine
uffe – henry martin affair
miniman – hardcore time – opus in dub
dub syndicate – wadada (means love)
Solid Doctor – Slipping into another dimension