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NO NAME DUB | Dub Immortalized

Brand new album from Adrián Maurín AKA No Name Dub who gave us some wicked dubs in dubcast 25 – More of the hot new dub coming out of Argentina and South America of late. Support the artist and follow on SoundCloud

NO NAME DUB : Adrián Maurín ( Dub master) Oriundo de la provincia de San Juan (Argentina). ¨Dub Immortalized¨ cuarto album disponible, sus anteriores fueron ¨No name¨ ¨Primitivo¨ y ¨From the desert ¨. Cuenta con producciones internacionales en Francia , Portugal, Mexico y Chile.

Dubcast #25 – No Style Dub

Oh oh! Draw down your pants button. An accident is about to happen.

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Bruce Lee – Intro
Jiang Liang – Pure Asian Dub
Microshot – Lilac Dub
King of the Minstrels dub – Channel One Maxfield Avenue – Breakdown Dubs and instrumentals 1974-79
Dubmatix – Easy Down (Feat. Michael Rose)
Family man barrett – soul constitution – pk records, pk 10
No name dub – step song
Roots Ista Posse – Croydon Yard Dub – Roots Dub Chamber
Manwel T – Dub thanks and praises
Derrick Morgan – blazing fire
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Water Pump
T Power – elemental
Baobinga & ID – Man Down
Wayne Smith – Walk like a granny
Mikey Dread – industrial spy