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John Peel Day on dub.com

John Peel is one of the reasons dub.com exists as a place on the internet to celebrate, share and enjoy this music called dub.

Listening to John’s shows on the radio exposed us to music no one else was playing.

John’s sense of music selection was uncanny. His ability to shift genres to shock, amaze or lure you in and always have something for you to treasure and seek.

He opened eyes, ears and hearts to music in life.

So to celebrate here’s a couple of favorite sessions of dub and reggae artists from his show.

Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Peel Session 1978

Carnastoan – John Peel session 19-10-1982

Misty in Roots John Peel Session

Mikey Dread – Peel Session 1982

And here’s a great playlist of nearly all the reggae and dub sessions. Someday we’ll figure out how to make those on youtube

Dubcast #53 | Horns Dub

Dubcast #53 is a special all vinyl live mix featuring a lot of beautiful, deep and melodic horn work. These soulful jazzy dubs from the past decades explore a dub reflection of each era’s music. Originals, versions and riddims mix with soul, R&B, reggae and rocksteady at the dub masters’ controls.



king tubby rockers uptown – keep on dubbing
alpha & omega – pure & clean
prince jammy – swords of vengeance
dub store special – idle burg
dynamic sound – an african dub side 1 tr 4
king tubby – easy dread, check this ya – king of dub (clocktower)
king tubby – vivian jackson – tribulation
the revolutionaires – settle in dis dub mix – this is roots music vol 2
lee scratch perry – enter the upsetter – return of sound system scratch
prince far i – water the garden – paying it all back vol 2
dub ghecko – asunder – dubhead vol 3
sly & robbie meet bunny lee at dub station – liquidator dub
susan cadogan – hurts so good / dub so good

Dub Gabriel – Reggae Special (Vintage Vinyl Mix)

Dub Gabriel recently set up his turntables at the d/a/c lab. He hooked up his tape delays, reverbs and dub sirens and dropped a 1 1/2 hour set of all vintage vinyl with essential selections of vintage dancehall, reggae & dub. Recorded live at his studio, these vintage selections guarantee to warm up the sound system this summer.

Dub Gabriel – Reggae Special (Vintage Vinyl Mix) by Dubgabriel on Mixcloud

Purple Man – King of the Way
Sancho – Chase Vampire
Billy Boyo – Wicked She Wicked
Carol Kalphat – African Land
Sly & Robbie – Rocks and Mountains
Ranking Dread – Africa
Buro Banton – Can’t Take the Running’s in a Babylon
Junior Cat – Anerexol Body
Michigan & Smiley – Down Presser
Nicodemus – Birdman Hunting
Prince Far I – Red Sea
Tapper Zuki – Man Ah Warrior
Yellowman – Strong Me Strong
Prince Jazzbo – In Jah Jah Name
R. Shirley – Everybody Needs A Friend
Ranking Dread – Hard Times
Horace Andy – Money Money
Lee Van Cliff – Bam Salute
Singers & Players – Dungeon & Merchant Ship
Smiley Culture – Cockney Translation
Anthony Red Rose – Dub Organizer Part Two
Wayne Palmer – Suzie
Barrington Lavy – Na Broke No Fight Over Woman
King Burnett – Paul Bogle
Junior Brammer – All Gone

Dubcast #49 – Crate Dub

Digging through the crates, cds, vinyl and digital was the inspiration for this dubcast, enjoy
– Dublinator, September 2012


Manasseh – Jungle Trees dub – Dub plate style 1990-1999
Victor Rice – Dub Season – Dub Discoveries from Version City
Victor Rice – Dub All Over – Dub Discoveries from Version City
Stepperallianz – champion lover
Digitaldubs – fyah bun dem – feat. ranking joe – #1
Prince Far I & the Arabs – Hello, Love Brother – Dub To Africa
To Rococco Rot – Testfeld – To Rococo Rot
Rhythm & sound – Mango Drive – Rhythm & Sound
10 ft ganja plant – 10 ft ganja plant & weed – Bush Rock
Prince fatty – that very night feat. hollie cook dub – Supersize
Dry & Heavy – Don’t make the children cry – New Creation

Dubcast #44 – Free Dub


Free Dub

A little something to keep us tided over until we’re back in full effect in December

singers & players – dungeon / merchant ship / jah army band – revenge of the underdog
frenic – new world – lessons from the past e.p. [free download]
bunny lee & the aggrovators – festival of dub
dub colossus – entoto dub
grace jones – well well well dub
tenor saw – run come dub me
dubdabba – rootical train
echomer – smokey room
echomer – roots and culture
tommy mccook & the supersonics – ride de dub
cutchie m – fire and desire
creation rebel – independent man part 2

Dubcast #13 – Prime number dub

Join us for an incredible dub journey


Brain Damage – Brain Booster
The orb – DDD (Dirty Disco Dub)
The Interruptor – African satellite Dub
Tsunami WAZAHARI – Fat leg dub
Roots Ista Posse – Burn Mi Dub
Roots Ista Posse – 513 JahStreet Dub
Ricky Rankin – Can’t Trick I
Horace Andy – Sky Larking
Prince Far I – Survival
Prince Far I – Survival dub version
Ras Amerlock – One From Tesla’s Lab