Via ForwardEver’s excellent profile of Foundation Channel

For this imprint’s roster of music makers, it all begins with dub.

Some labels are intrinsically motivated by a mission. For the Portland- and Detroit-based Foundation Channel, that quest is to preserve and promote electronic music’s dub roots. They go at it with the zeal of faith healers anointing listeners with material drawing from original roots-reggae instrumentation and vocals, augmented with both analog and digital dub mixing techniques. They’ve christened their eclectic brand of bass music “subwise,” and have released compilations and EPs devoted to expanding on their sonic palette.

Check out all the label’s releases on Foundation Channel’s Bandcamp page and much more on soundcloud

Foundation Channel is rooted in dub reggae philosophically and stylistically. The “version” or “remix” comes from this culture and has influenced all of electronic music from Hip-Hop to EDM and endlessly beyond. In this dub spirit we strive to proliferate advancements in a wide range of genres with intention to get to the new essentials.