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Beat Tape Dub

From the excellent Dub Temple Records comes a couple of interesting beat tapes in dub style.

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Dubcast #37 – Love Dub

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Artist – Title – Album
Aggrovators – None Shall Escape Dub – Rasta Dub ’76
Dub Specialist – Guiding Star – Better Dub from Studio One
Rolando Alphonso – Arena Special – 12″
Soul Vendors – Arena Special Version – 12″
Barrington Levy – Shaolin Temple Dub – Barrington Levy in Dub
Derrick Harriott – Black Bullet – Riding the Roots Chariot
The Upsetters – Upsetting Rhythm #1 – Blackboard Jungle Dub (auralux)
The Aggrovators – My Angel of Dub – Reggae Stones Dub
Cannon & The Soul Vendors – Bad Treatment -Rock Steady Coxsone Style
Phase Selector Sound – Jackson Park – Disassemble Dub
Mildtape – Extent of the Foot – Dub Alpina
The Simeons – Jah Rastafari – Dub Conference In London
Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses – Universally Dubbed
Subma Chena – Ten Ton Dub – TBD
Sonde – Digital Sun – Dubwars
Jazzsteppa – Gun Crime – Jazzsteppa
Dubphonic – All You Weed is Love – Relight
The Simeons – Second Sight – Dub Conference In London
Scientist & Prince Jammy – Vulcan – Dub Landing Volume 1

How to make a dub? Legendary dub-reggae pioneer, Scientist, shows the process.

via @NYCReggae

November 2010. London. Though the weather was grey, the mood inside the Red Bull Music Academy studio on Tooley Street was tropical, as we were blessed by the presence of legendary dub-reggae producer, Scientist. In a lead up to a nighttime concert at Fabric, Scientist strolled through the studio with The Upsetters band to show how to mix a dub track. For heavens sake, thank goodness we filmed this.

Bunny Lee, Prince Jammy & Scientist doing the “Jailhouse Rock” DUB

Another gem from Youtube, from a user called Dubwise4u, a Clip from Howard Johnson’s 1982 Channel Four UK six part documentary series “Deep Roots Music (Spread over 3 Discs)“. (parts of it also are available in the UK under another title “Reggae Nashville, Deep Roots”)

“Here is the full version of the dub section with Bunny Lee, Prince Jammy & Scientist doing the “Jailhouse Rock” track. It has a small introduction about King Tubby, and his importance to dub. Right after that Prince Jammy is at the controls, Bunny Lee giving his input and dancing like a madman and Scientist is the dark skinned young man in white with the button hat on and smoking the huge pipe at the end too! :)”