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The Copan Connection: Bixiga 70 Meets Victor Rice | machado-dub

Visitors to dub.com may be familiar with Victor Rice and the great dub tracks he’s brought to the world. Since his move to South America he’s continued to explore the connection between music with roots on boths sides of the Atlantic and after mixing Bixiga 70’s ‘III’ he’s bringing his dubmaster lense to it.

The Copan Connection: Bixiga 70 meets Victor Rice. Whereas “III” was a highly contemporary take on the Afro-Brazilian, “Black Atlantic” musical conversation, The Copan Connection looks northward from Brazil to Jamaica, and embraces the repeat-echo history of dub music as its inspiration.

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Dubcast #49 – Crate Dub

Digging through the crates, cds, vinyl and digital was the inspiration for this dubcast, enjoy
– Dublinator, September 2012


Manasseh – Jungle Trees dub – Dub plate style 1990-1999
Victor Rice – Dub Season – Dub Discoveries from Version City
Victor Rice – Dub All Over – Dub Discoveries from Version City
Stepperallianz – champion lover
Digitaldubs – fyah bun dem – feat. ranking joe – #1
Prince Far I & the Arabs – Hello, Love Brother – Dub To Africa
To Rococco Rot – Testfeld – To Rococo Rot
Rhythm & sound – Mango Drive – Rhythm & Sound
10 ft ganja plant – 10 ft ganja plant & weed – Bush Rock
Prince fatty – that very night feat. hollie cook dub – Supersize
Dry & Heavy – Don’t make the children cry – New Creation