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Zion Train | Dub Power

Some very positive thoughts from one of the best UK Dub outfits, the one and only Zion Train

My aim is to achieve something positive each day and through an accumulation of positive actions, leave behind a legacy that inspires others to act in that way, whether it be the trees I plant, the music I help make or the children I raise and educate

And an inspiration to any band setting out while John Peel isn’t with us any more there are still many good voices to connect with online and elsewhere that will bring your music forward.

“I bought a one-day bus pass in London, packed some CDs and vinyl in my rucksack and visited as many independent record shops I could get to. Then John Peel played four tracks, and suddenly, we were top of the independents charts.”

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‘Peel played us, suddenly we were top of the charts’

Dubcast #31 – Friday Night Dub Special

Thanks to all the singers and players of instruments

Note: because some of the material included in the podcast is unreleased the podcast is not available for download at this time, please embed and stream, thanks!

Dubcast #31 – Friday Night Dub Special by dubdotcom